Cellar Activities of late

We have been quite busy in the cellar lately. Just in one month, we have new bottlings of Pog Mo Thoin (going fast, get it while you can), Port of Utica, Coco Vino (a double chocolate port), Chateau Amour, Cherry, Riesling, Norton, BUT what we really excited about is our new Wine for all Seasons selection called Funny Bunny, a sweet Niagara filled with great mouthfeel and sweet, crisp flavors. Come in and see the new label for it too. It will be a great gift for this Easter!

The next wine bottled will be the long anticipated return of our White River Tears, a semi-sweet Traminette that is tasty, tasty, tasty. Feedback from first tastings by club members in the tasting room (see what you miss if you don’t come see us) has been enthusiastic. If you like a good white wine for fish or chicken, you need to come pick this one up.

Illinois versus France

After spending weeks in the south of France, I certainly have a better perspective of where we are relative to the world. The top French chateaux are world-class in their wine making, but many french wineries have not grasped modern techniques In a country where thousands of years of wine making history, ideal weather conditions, and ideal soil composition have given the French little incentive to evolve.  The wines, especially the whites, could be improved by the more modern methods that IRW uses. Actions such as controlling the temperature during fermentation would improve French wines even more. In Illinois we lack many of the advantages the French have, and as a result, we have grasped these modern methods as a matter of survival. I invite you to come in and taste our Cabernet Franc. It is as world-class as the French wines I experienced in Bordeaux and southern France.